OBIstudio was born under the philosophy of The Zen Circle, which represents the absolute fullness, simplicity, infinity and perfection of the harmony.

The circle, according to the understanding of the Zen tradition, is a representation of our true self, painted in calligraphy Japanese in a mathematically perfect way.

In this imperfect subtlety, where the human hand is the creative, OBIstudio bases its way of understanding design as something exclusive and different.

For this reason, in the search for artisanal, they decide to rescue the concept of handmade, and they choose as the star product of his designs the Artesana Alpargata.

OBIstudio presents an essence of the design that marks its style.

Inspired by multiple trips throughout Japan, not only reinterprets Japanese footwear, but gives the opportunity experience a new way of walking through their Obis.

His particular vision of the classic espadrille manufactured with extreme care of every detail, they have done that in very little are present in cities as important as Milan, London, Paris or Madrid.

A brand that bases its style on craftsmanship and uniqueness of the exclusive.



OBIstudio Athleisure is shown in differentespadrilles shapes, with materials and details what update these styles.

Espadrillethe the new concept that creates OBIstudio.

Hybrid silhouettes that juxtapose influences of design, mixing the GETAS Japanese with the Ballet slipper classic.

New forms that combine leather materials, satin and jute fabrics with high levels of craft construction.

Luxurious and opulent qualities are one of the keys of our inspiration; The other, the OBI Japanese, which is reflected in our designs to through sophisticated tapes that are convert into loops designed to wrap the ankle.







The manufacture of espadrilles is generally more complex than other type of sandals. The jute sole is the most critical part. The jute twines are first machine-braided. These braids are then manually formed into the shape of the sole and hydraulically pressed with heat to form the final shape and completed with vertical stitching. These basic soles are then vulcanized underneath. Wooden heels are glued in place and more jute braids are wrapped around it to complete the soles. Uppers of different styles are then built on the jute soles to complete the espadrille.

Handmade process

obistudio alpargatas
obistudio proceso fabricación
obistudio proceso fabricación

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